Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anziano Brannon/family update

I know it has been awhile since I updated our family. Jonathan is still in Trieste. It is possible he will get transferred next week. He really is enjoying himself and working very hard. He was a long way from the train explosion last week. It is summer now and they don't do much air conditioning over there. His apartment is on the seventh floor and they don't have an elevator. His current companion is Anziano Bosco. He is Italian. Jonathan's Italian is improving. He is even learning some cooking tips. He recently informed us of an important lesson he learned. He forgot to buy hamburger to go with his "pasta and red sauce" (that's spaghetti to you and me.) In looking for a substitute he learned that hot dogs are not a good replacement for hamburger. Please note that in your recipe books for future reference. He is my son! Emma has had a busy summer with cheerleading practices and cheer camp, as well as girls camp and youth conference at church. She thinks she is ready to start high school. I hope I am! Pam enjoyed her summer off by going to AMSTI training and handling her duties as the new Young Women's President in our ward. I'm enjoying a cool summer at the ice rink. I teach the 9 year-olds in Primary. We have 11 on the roll and 10 show up almost every week. It is a challenge, but I am frequently reminded of the old adage about paying for your raising. We hope everyone is well and we look forward to seeing some if not all of you next weekend. Much love, James


The Brannon Family said...

Thanks for the update. Emma and Rachel should be seeing quite a bit of each other in another month. I hope to see her cheering soon. It sounds like Jonathan's doing fine. Love, Dad

Julie said...

Glad to hear your whole family is doing well (and staying out of trouble!) :)