Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

The Curt Brannons had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend and hope all of you did, too. Olivia was here for a few days and we enjoyed doing fun family things. Wish we could have had the time to go to Headland for Thanksgiving. Such good memories from those fun times! But maybe next year.

Happy birthday one day early to Amanda!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olivia Home For a Visit

Thank you everyone for the great posts! It's wonderful to get a little glimpse into what's going on with the Wayne Brannon Crew.We were so happy to have Olivia home last weekend for a few days. It was sort of an impromptu visit and she was able to get a couple of days off from school. We loved it and we were thankful to see her. Even if it was a whirlwind visit. She'll be back for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas.

Meredith has started taking voice lessons with a local teacher here in Madison. She's been taking piano lessons for a couple of months already. So our home has been blessed with music! Olivia and Meredith are definitely the musical ones in our family.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Adams Family

What a beautiful Saturday! I just returned from Birmingham where I got to enjoy the Green girls, including our soon-to-be-mother, Paris. I was delighted to spend time with these terrific ladies and I am getting excited about another baby in our family. That Andie is adorable!!!!

Our news:
This past Thursday Catherine ran in the Cross Country Sectional meet in Auburn. She is always surrounded by drama so it was no surprise to us when her team Montgomery Academy and T.R. Miller tied for first place. In this predicament they look to the 6th runner (who is often overlooked) to break the tie. Yes, indeed, it was our own Catherine Adams. Her time of 21:30 (or so) moved MA ahead of TR Miller and put Catherine's name in the newspaper. Things have a funny way of working out. During the race, Catherine was trying to pass MA's 5th place runner near the finish line. This athlete, who happens to be a senior,thought Catherine- a mere freshman- should mind her manners and stay behind. Seniority rules or something?? So she helped Catherine stay behind her with a sharp elbow to Catherine's chest. After the race, Catherine was fuming mad and near tears. But when the drama began about the tie-breaker and Catherine heard her name all over as "the TIE-BREAKER" the pain disappeared and we had a celebrity on our hands.
Her name made it into a short article on the front of the Sports page of Friday's Montgomery Advertiser. I noticed a smile creep across her face as she read and discovered the 5th place senior's name did not make the paper!
Caroline took the SAT today and we hope did her very best. It is so nerve-wracking for those "perfectionist first-borns" to do these things. But, hopefully she will be through with these test until college is over!
John is studying hard, eating lots of Halloween candy and enjoying Alabama football. I am loving these fall days and trying to get in as much tennis as possible! Jeff is working hard and enjoying this Alabama football season - for a nice change.
Take care and keep the posts coming.