Saturday, March 28, 2009

The James Brannons are doing well. Jonathan has arrived in Italy. He is currently serving in Trieste. He says he can understand more than he can speak right now. That is an unusual situation for us Brannons to be in. He is healthy and doing well. Emma had a big week. She got her braces off on Wednesday and made the freshmen cheerleading squad on Friday. Pam is about to finish up another great year of teaching the 5th grade. I am completing my 7th year at the ice rink. We are healthy and happy and trying to mind our p's and q's. We hope all of you are well. It was good to here that all went well with D-Daddy's surgery. Take care. james

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It is a shame...

Life is so busy sometimes I wish I could just make everything stop for a few minutes and enjoy it! But time marches on and thankfully it marches in mostly positive directions!!!! Above are a few pictures that reflect a lot of what has been going on with me and mine. Laura and her family visited and while here we tried to cram in as many activities as possible - including pedicures for the sisters, a trip to the zoo, a trip to the McWane Center, a trip to Habaneros Mexican Restaurant, a March Combo Bday Party (Laura 25, Grace 22, Tommy 20), and a session at a ceramic place.

Here's a brief update by person-

Cathy - Her family is doing well. Abbie has now lost 2 teeth and is on good terms with the Toothfairy. Andie can talk and we're all enjoying that. Cathy and Ricky are both doing well - trying to keep up.

Laura - We really enjoyed our brief visit with Josh and the longer visit with Laura and Harrison. Josh has some career decisions to make and we're anxious to see how that turns out (since it will determine where they end up living). Harrison and Laura leave today and we're all pretty sad about that, but we're thankful for the time we've had together.

Jamie - Paris doesn't look like she's ever had a baby but she's turned into a confident, experienced mom. Banx is precious and smiling and huge. They invited us all over to eat at their Subway on Sat and then the men went shooting while the girls went back to their house to visit.

Grace - Still loves her new job, is doing well in school and spends every spare minute with Aaron. I hear wedding bells ringing in the not to distant future.

Tommy - Inexplicably loves Ethiopia and is having a wonderful experience there. He's been gone nearly 9 months. We'll get to talk to him on Mother's Day and we're all looking forward to that.

Emily - Leaves for BYU-I on April 16 - her 18th birthday. We are not ready to let her go but are thankful to have so many friends in the Rexburg area if she needs any help. I'll drive her out and fly straight back since we'll still be in school at that point. I'll be back out in June to check on her.

Andy - Is gearing up for Spring Football and the end of his scouting career which will culminate with an Eagle Project on April 18th (conveniently while I'm in Rexburg - I didn't plan it that way I promise)

Clay - Just finished basketball and decided too late he'd like to play baseball so I get a break and he'll be starting football in just a few months - this time for the McAdory Middle School Yellow Jackets. Heaven help me where did the time go?

Butch - Still works hard both for UPS and the church. And I feel like I work hard but never accomplish anything. I'll be glad when school is over so I can take a deep breath and figure out where I am at least - if not get to where I want to be. I have a new book coming out at the first of June (release date changed AGAIN) and I'm working on a new Haggerty one that I hope will come out in the fall if I can get it finished. If...

So even though life is busy it's good and we're extremely blessed and grateful.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello everybody

It's a shame that nobody has shared with all of us your family happenings. We know that Banx arrived, Jonathan left, Logan came home and left again. I've heard that Laura and Harrison are coming for a visit. We are fine. I stay busy around Hillsboro, Rachel is busy teaching and going to school on Saturdays and Will is winding up his first year of graduate work at Auburn. Brandi, Sidney and Olivia Shankle seem to be doing fine, also.
Love to you all, Dad(Pa,Wayne etc.)